Concorde Spirit Tours ["CST"] is the corporate vehicle formed in 1989 by prominent North Carolina aviation lawyer and consumer advocate Donald L. Pevsner, for operation of high-profile charter tours on the supersonic Concorde aircraft of Air France and British Airways.




These flights include Around The World official air speed-record flights in both Westbound and Eastbound directions with Air France Concorde #F-BTSD, on 12-13 October 1992 and 15-16 August 1995, respectively.


Westbound Around The World air speed record:  32 hours 49 minutes 3 seconds, set on 12-13 October 1992 in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Columbus' first New World landing.  (Air France Concorde #F-BTSD.) Routing was: Lisbon / LIS - Santo Domingo / SDQ – Acapulco / ACA – Honolulu / HNL – Guam / GUM – Bangkok / BKK – Bahrain / BAH – Lisbon / LIS.  On this flight, named "SUNCHASER I", the sun never set during the entire journey, as the aircraft outpaced the sun in the air; then lost a bit of time back while refueling at our six technical-stops.  



Eastbound Around The World air speed record: 31 hours 27 minutes 49 seconds, set on 15-16 August 1995. (Air France Concorde #F-BTSD.)  This flight, named “SUNCHASER II”, was Coors Light Beer's major Summer, 1995 promotion, and followed a routing of: New York / JFK – Toulouse / TLS – Dubai / DXB – Bangkok / BKK - Andersen AFB, Guam / UAM – Honolulu / HNL – Acapulco / ACA - New York / JFK.  The sun rose and set three times between pre-departure and post-landing at JFK.  This is the current GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS RTW air speed record.



Sunchaser II being refueled in Bangkok



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